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December 3, 2012
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- "It's been a while since I saw you Sonic", A voice was to hear in a department over to the blue hedgehog..

- "I need to ask you for a favor Nyle", Sonic answered sitting down on the couch besides the blue-green hedgehog.. It's really been a while since both of them met.. The first time they saw eachother was in the gay bar Shadow was working a LOT of years ago.. Not a really good first impression.. But after Shadow's death, they became the best of friends.. "What kind", Nyle answered giving the blue hedgehog a cup of tea.. It seemed Sonic hadn't sleep in weeks.. "I started my journey", he added a few seconds later..

- "Don't tell me.. You still have the word *Revenge* all over your face", Nyle chuckled a little bit, but Sonic's angry face made his smile vanish immediately.. "I'm not playing", the blue hedgehog spoke after that..

- "I know that", the doctor-hedgehog answered standing up from the couch.. Shadow was already dead, why couldn't he just move on? In fact, he noticed Silver was in his own world looking through the window.. Just Sonic had those things in mind, why did he have to take Silver with him? He was still so young!

- "Want a tea silver?", Nyle suddenly asked to the grey hedgehog.. The teenager just shook his head without looking at him.. Yepp, he wasn't in this world..

- "Thanks for the tea Nyle, but we have to go now", Silver suddenly voiced standing up from the couch, putting the cup on the table.. "Wait a second", the doctor said taking Sonic with him to a room by his arm.. "Sonic, you have to think about this once more.. Silver is still too young", he then whispered to his friend.. The only thing the blue hedgehog did after that, was roughly taking his arm back: "I'm leaving", he then said leaving the room without doing anything else.. Nyle couldn't even answer anything.. He just sighed without going after Sonic..

- "SILVER WE'RE LEAVING!", Sonic screamed to his son, who almost jumped of surprise.. What the? "Uh, alright", Silver answered walking towards Nyle's room.. "I SAID WE'RE LEAVING!", the blue hedgehog screamed once more.. "But", was the only thing Silver could say before Sonic took him by his arm and left with him the department..

- "DAD! I couldn't even say bye to Nyle! What's wrong with you?", the gray hedgehog voiced to his father taking his arm back.. Now that hurt! Sonic just kept walking towards the exit without waiting for his son this time.. "DAD! Wait up!", Silver spoke to his father running to him.. What happened with Nyle? Another question without an answer..


After a few more steps, Sonic suddenly stopped and of course Silver did too.. "Silver wait here alright? I'll... I'll be right back", the blue hedgehog spoke caressing Silver's head and leaving without waiting for an answer.. The gray hedgehog turned around facing his father as he noticed, Sonic was heading back to Nyle's apartment.. Yeah, maybe he noticed he was being an idiot.. Silver smiled and sat down on a rock a few seconds later..

- "Mom.. Why did you have to leave us?", Silver whispered to himself trying to remember his mother's face, or other father's face, whatever you want it to be called.. After all, Shadow died when he was just 2 years old.. Silver stood up after some minutes and took his bo staff out and started to practice once again.. He was already perfect at it, but so time would pass faster waiting for his father..


After one whole hour, Silver could see his father walking towards him.. Finally! Was about time, in fact he was already tired with all that practice.. "I'm sorry I took so long", Sonic voiced to his son noticing his tiredness.. The gray hedgehog was sweating and panting, but he smiled to his father anyway as he guarded his staff.. "Here", the blue hedgehog said taking a water out of his new bag and threw it over to Silver.. Easily the teenager caught it with his hand and started to drink.. Exactly what he needed, Sonic knew him pretty well, after all Silver was his son..

- "Nyle gave it to you?", Silver suddenly asked poiting to the bag as he threw the water on his face and hair.. "Yeah, it's all ours", the adult hedgehog answered throwing the bag to the floor, showing everything it had inside: ninja stars, bandages, water, nunchakus and etc.. "Awesome!", Silver voiced excited walking towards the bag and immediately taking the ninja stars and the nunchakus in hand.. "Don't get hurt", Sonic joked sitting down on the same rock Silver was an hour ago.. "Oh come on dad, you know I'm good with this stuff.. See that sign?", the gray hedgehog said suddenly pointing to a sigh a lot of steps away from them.. "Bet ya I hit the mark", he then added putting everything back in the bag, except for one single ninja star..

Sonic raised an eyebrow to his son, did he really think he could make it? "What are we betting", he then asked.. "If I achive it, you'll have to carry me the whole way to the park", Silver voiced grinning.. Sonic just chuckled: "Alright, if you don't achive it I'll race you to the park", the blue hedgehog spoke decided a few seconds after.. The only thing Silver did was opening his eyes wide, everytime they raced he had to eat his fathers dust; After all, Sonic was the fastest thing alive..

Without answering anything, the gray hedgehog aimed at the target breathing deeply twice.. He then quickly threw the ninja star until neither of both hedgehog could see it.. "Let's go", Sonic voiced suddenly taking the bag and starting to run over to the sign with his super-speed, Silver just walked.. After a few seconds, the gray hedgehog arrived at the sign and saw his father grinning to him.. Wait, did he lose? "I trained you well", Sonic suddenly spoke winking to his son, showing him that the star was exactly on the sign.. "I did it? Yeah! I did it! HAH! Carry me", Silver voiced proud already jumping into his father.. "GAAH! Silver you're heavy!", was the only thing the blue hedgehog said, Silver wasn't a little boy anymore, he was totally heavy now! "Stop complaining loser!", the gray hedgehog joked to his father, he knew Sonic hated to be called loser.. "You're going to regret that", the adult hedgehog suddenly said with a satanic voice.. Actually Silver was already regreting saying that.. And without a warning, Sonic started to run with his super speed with Silver on his back.. "WAAAAAAAAA DAAAAAAD!!! NOT SO FAAAAAAAAAAST", Silver's voice was to hear, until it got silencer and silencer.. Nice punishment.. Noone calls Sonic a loser..
This story contains:

- Sexual content
- Homosexuality
- Gore
- Bad language
- Psychopathy


Sorry for taking so long XD
Well here is the next chapter..
DadxSon love.. (?) XD

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Sonic the hedgehog, Silver the hedgehog (c): SEGA
Nyle the hedgehog, Story (c): *SapphiresFlame
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It's on hold for now hun, I'm busy with college.. But I think I'll continue it in my summer-break x3
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